USO Entries

USO Entries

Aluminum Boat Magnetized By USO

America's First USO Sighting - Chaddock USO

Barmouth USO - 1922

Braidwood USO

Caioba-Seahorse Brazilian USO Encounter

Three Day Sighting Onboard The British Grenadier

Grichuna USO Sighting

UFO Hovers Over The U.S.S. John F. Kennedy

USS Midway USO Encounter

Okanagan Valley USO

Golfo Nuevo Ping

Sognefjord USO

USS Tiru Encounter

Professor Recalls USO Encounter

Puerto Rico Trench USO

Santa Catalina Channel

Saucer Dives Into Lake

Shag Harbour Encounter

Sognefjord USO

Soviet Merchant Ship Gori UFO Sighting

UFO/USO Encounter

Underwater Light Outruns Navy's Ship

USO Tracked Off Of Norway Coast

USS Yellowstone AD-41 & A USO

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