Quick Trip To Sikkam

Quick Trip To Sikkam
Quick Trip To Sikkam

Date: May 25, 1978

Location: Khujand, (Leninabad), Tajikistan

The witness, a well educated PhD in physics and mathematics was living in a house close to the bank of the River Syrdar’ya suddenly awakened in the middle of the night by a sudden impulse. When he looked out the window, he noticed a cone shaped object, which had landed on the river’s edge, on the outskirts of town. Following a further subconscious impulse, he dressed and went outside to approach the object. The landed object appeared to made out of polished metal, approximately 25' in diameter.

It had an entranceway on the upper part of the cone. The craft had landed on 3 landing prods, made out of some alloy, dark in tint. In the center of the alien craft were white cylinders, like tanks, about 10' in height.

An alien crew consisting of three man like creatures that invited the witness inside the object met him.

He described the aliens as almost human in appearance, a little bit taller, wearing tight fitting flight outfits. The faces were human in appearance with only slight differences; the hands reportedly had 5 fingers.

Inside the craft the witness saw what appeared to be control panels and several armchairs, he saw no other furniture. He was shown what he was told was a power plant in the center of the object. After conducting medical tests on the witness he was supposedly taken to their home planet, a visit that was quick with no movement sensed by the witness. He was told that their craft produced a vacuum around it during flights in the atmosphere and transformed electric, magnetic and gravitational fields. They also told the witness that they lived in a planet called Sikkam, in the Cygni star system.

Upon arriving at the planet, went outside the craft and was surprised to find a very clear environment, with landscape and environs resembling those of Western Europe. The weather condition was cloudy and fresh no sun was visible. After staying for a while he was returned home.

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