Summerville Light

Summerville Light

Date: Summer 1975

Location: Summerville, SC

In the summer of 1975 I was a student at the University of South Carolina attending summer school.

A fellow friend and student suggested we go to Charleston for the weekend.

On the way down he suggested we go to Summerville and see this mysterious light phenom he had heard about. After getting directions to where to go from a townsman we found the small sandy one lane road. It was near dusk.

Our sighting was not at night time.

We had to drive slow on the so called road, best I can remember it was only slightly wider than a pathway. It was very wooded and rural as is most lower state country side is.

We first saw a red light which we took for a tail light from a car ahead of us. But what was strange was that when we tried to speed up it kept the same distance.

Again this was in 1975, so I'm trying to remember my best.

This is when I first realized it was not the single tail light of a vehicle. The light was not blurringly bright but rather a distinct glow.

Now the really weird part. The light then mysteriously rose straight up probably 10 or so feet into the air and changed to white from red and moved over to the opposite side of the road staying at that same height.

We pressed on but couldn't get any closer to the light.

We then left having to back the car up and out to back where we entered as the sandy road was to narrow to turn around in.

It was not frightening to me, but just left me in total curiosity.

I forgot to mention that the distance from us to the light was and remained at approximately 100 or so feet. And oh yes, as we were backing up the light was coming back with us, but then was gone as we got closer to the entrance to the road.


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