Please Read

Please Read

Date: October 30, 2018

I'm getting images back finally, I honestly thought GoDaddy would have saved everything longer than 10 days, Had I known...I would have renewed on a different host. Next Year I Will. We have removed hundreds of stories I've deemed to be bogus. I'm not out for exclusive stories, just good ones. We usually check around, if a couple other sites don't have it, I'll dump it. I've only kept one that we know is crap, but it's so far out there, I thought I'd keep it...for now anyway. FYI though, we know Mysterious Reappearance of Flight 513 is BS.

If it's a visitor submitted story, it will go up.

We get dinged pretty hard in search engine ratings because we are not linked to FaceBook, Twitter, Pintrest and so forth. Again, we are not here to make money, I don't give a shit about FaceBook, and don't understand how we can be penalized simply because we don't link. It's almost like being forced to link. We'll take the hit.

A small percentage of visitors, Amazon is really good for this, they have an infinite number of IP's, but I block them anyway...just in spite, feel the need to block their location or what they are viewing. We use that to see what interests visitors, and what doesn't. We use it to find where the bulk of our visitors come from. If you feel the need to block information, I won't have a problem blocking your IP address, fair is fair in my eyes. I will still sleep soundly, I don't use advertising, so I won't lose any money. Don't go whinning like a 6 year old if blocked.

End of story.

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