UFO Landing On Aircraft Carrier

UFO Landing On Aircraft Carrier

Date: 1955

Location: At Sea

An alleged 1955 photo of a flying saucer landing on the flight deck of an aircraft carrier is genuine, according to William Tompkins, a retired aerospace engineer who had a four decade career with leading U.S. corporations up until 1984.

Tompkins career began with service as a Naval Intelligence operative, from 1942 to 1946, where he provided intelligence briefings to select U.S. aerospace corporations about antigravity spacecraft being secretly developed in Nazi Germany. He has supplied several documents supporting his claims that he was assigned such a covert mission and operated out of Naval Air Station, San Diego.

Tompkins discussed the photo in a radio interview, and claimed that it was taken from one of what were regular incidents on U.S. Navy aircraft carriers, landings by friendly Nordic extraterrestrial UFOs.

It's one of quite a number of Nordic extraterrestrial UFOs that have landed on US Navy aircraft carriers. What you're looking at, You're looking at it from the bottom of the bridge of the carrier because those older ones were much further forward than the photographs you got later on.

Tompkins explains how the extraterrestrial craft would land, and transport the admiral of the naval battle group up to the mothership in space to hold discussions with commanders of a Nordic Space Navy.

It's a long story. They came from one of their starships. They came down to talk to the admiral that's the commander on that particular battle group. They did their other program, and their meetings, our admiral left with the captain taking over command of our ship. Along with other people, they took off in that vehicle going back out to the mothership. Of course, they brought them back later.

Tompkins emphasized the regularity of such landings due to the small chance they could be witnessed while the ships were at sea.

Like I'm just saying, there's a whole story of all of these, because, The UFOs landed on our aircraft carriers many times. Okay? It's nice because nobody can see them doing it.

On the right side of the photo are the words: Official U.S. Navy Photo, suggesting that someone linked to the Navy had arranged for its release into the public arena.

Another one of the May 4 radio guests, Frank Chille, described how he got a copy of the photo, and what he knew about it belonging to the U.S. Navy.

There's a little bit of a side story on the disk that landed on the aircraft carrier. Believe it or not, that original photograph was shown to me by Graham Bethune more than 15 years ago, And I held it in my hands.

He allowed me to make a copy of it. It was on very thick paper and on the flip side it said: U.S. Navy, Top Secret, Eyes Only, 1955.

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