Blinking Red Something

Blinking Red Something

Date: June 30, 1967

Location: Lander, WY

While sleeping out in back yard on a warm summer night, myself, my sister, and my niece where chatting and gazing a the stars in sky.

At about 3:00 a.m., I noticed a blinking red light approaching from the northwest. At first it appeared to be a jet flying very high. Then, it simply stopped, directly above us. The strobe light kept pulsing, but the craft was not moving at all, and was absolutely silent.

After about a minute or two, four more blinking red lights approached from approximately the four compass points. They also stopped, grouped around the first light. They remained directly above us for no more than two to three minutes, then they grouped in a V shape, and started moving off to the southeast, gaining altitude at a very high rate of speed, and within no more than 5 seconds, had completely vanished from our view.

From our view point, they were just lights, but very curious lights at that.

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