Falkville Metal Man

Falkville Metal Man

Date: October 17, 1973

Location: Falkville, AL

It happened on October 17, 1973. Falkville, Alabama, Police Chief Jeff Greenhaw had finished another days work and was relaxing at home with his wife. At about 10:00 p.m. the phone rang and his life changed forever. On the phone was a woman who seemed to be hysterical, to this day she remains anonymous. The woman reported that she had seen a UFO land just outside of town, in a field that was then owned by Falkville resident Bobby Summerford.

Chief Greenhaw was off duty at the time but decided to respond to the call. Grabbing his weapon and a camera, which he always had with him while on the job, he headed to the Summerford property. When Greenhaw arrived at the location everything was quiet, no sign of anything unusual. After looking around and finding nothing, Greenhaw was ready to go back home when he decided to check out one last area.

Chief Greenhaw turned on to a narrow gravel road and drove about a hundred yards before he saw something, something he thought was human, but the figure seemed to move in a very odd way. Greenhaw slowly approached the entity in his vehicle, thinking that this could be someone who was hurt and in need of help.

The night was very dark and murky, visibility very bad, but as the Chief came within approximately 5 yards of the strange being, Greenhaw realized he was dealing with something that was unlike anything he had ever seen. Right there in front of him was a small being in a full body silver suit. Here are Greenhaw’s own words.

“It looked like his head and neck were kind of made together… he was real bright, something like rubbing mercury on nickel, but just as smooth as glass-different angles give different lighting… when I saw him standing in the middle of the road I immediately stopped the car and asked if he was a foreigner, but no sound came out of his mouth.”

Greenhaw grabbed his camera and started taking pictures. The being, perhaps scared by the flash of the camera fled at an incredible speed, far faster that any human could run. MUFON would later examine the negatives of the photos with very interesting results. Not only did thy find no sign of tampering, they found what appeared to be UFO like objects on the negatives which did not show up on the photos.

Some say it was all a big hoax, perpetrated by Chief Greenhaw himself. This seems very unlikely, there was no reason to do it. If Greenhaw did hoax the whole story it seems to have been a very bad mistake. As the story spread Greenhaw faced serious ridicule and was fired from his job as police chief, his wife divorced him, and his house burned down. Jeff Greenhaw has never recanted his story and maintains to this day that it all happened exactly as he originally reported it.

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